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About Me

My rambling history

My name is Kate Butcher and one of my main hobbies in life is keeping and enjoying the company of guinea pigs. I thoroughly enjoy talking “pig” and I can frequently be found driving my partner up the wall and around the bend with it. We call it my “pig problem” and I’m showing no signs of being cured any time soon!

I have been keeping guinea pigs on and off since 1992 (almost permanently “on” these days) when I had my first guinea pigs as a child. I now can’t imagine life without their stupid whiskers and furry bits.

I spent the two years before publishing Rodents With Attitude learning as much as I could about guinea pigs by asking questions, pestering my vets, doing a lot of reading, and of course, caring for and observing my own guinea pigs.

I wanted to ensure that I had formulated my own methods and theories around the things I had learned before printing my own literature, bringing a fresh mind to the subject of guinea pig welfare. My aim is to provide another link in the chain of support for guinea pig owners, and I am constantly learning, both practically and academically, and improving the services I can offer to others.

I’m a very practical person and I strongly believe that progress in learning is achieved with patience and a willingness to teach.

By the way…

In other miscellaneous information, I’m a massive Tears For Fears fan and I enjoy walking and exploring, especially with my over-zealous dog.

Education and Employment

  • June 2005 – Present: Owner/Consultant, Rodents With Attitude
  • August 2011 – Present: Rodent Health Advisory Course (CCT)
  • June 2010: Rodent dental care day workshop (CCT)

My Experience

  • 2007 to date
    I have had many guinea pigs brought to me at home for rehoming or advice by caring and worried owners. As such, I am proud to provide the islanders of Jersey (Channel Islands, UK) with an independent source of support for guinea pig husbandry and health advice.
  • June 2010
    I completed a rodent dental care day workshop with Vedra Stanley-Spatcher at The Cambridge Cavy Trust.
  • May 2011
    I completed a guide to constructing a Cubes & Correx (also known as “Cubes & Coroplast” or “C&C;”) cage for London packing company PHS Teacrate using their own correx card. I was also invited to join their affiliates scheme to sell correx card through Rodents With Attitude.
  • July 2011
    I was invited to join the Experts Panel for Guinea Pig Magazine, where I began offering advice to readers in “Ask the Experts” from Issue 4 onwards.
  • August 2011
    I began actively studying for the Rodent Health Advisory (RHA) course with the British Association of Rodentologists at The Cambridge Cavy Trust.

Our Other Pets

Until May 2011 we had a beautiful female Mosaic chinchilla called Lupé. We very unfortunately lost her to a root overgrowth problem with her teeth, a problem that sadly sometimes presents in chinchillas, however while she was with us she brought us great joy and we miss her very much.

Tiny and Tequila
We have two female Hermanns tortoises called Tiny and Tequila who live in a special enclosure in the guinea pig shed. They haven’t grasped the concept of “going around” an object or each other, and therefore are regularly found upsidedown, fast asleep, and waiting for someone to tip them up the right way. Despite their tendency to spend a lot of time pretending to be a bowl with legs in, they are both very friendly and always happy to see you.

Dexter “Morgan Princess Kevin Labry” Butcher
We also share the house with a 39kg pedigree Labrador Retriever called Dexter who is a one-dog wrecking ball. To date, he’s eaten a raffia lamp, two pairs of flip-flops, one bra and some handkerchiefs, several toilet rolls, the tassels from my table runner, a canine physiotherapy harness, his own bed, an entire box of (expensive!) chocolates, and 100 worth of my partner’s tabletop soldiers.