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    Got questions? Wondering why your guinea pig is looking at you funny? Can't get within three feet of your fridge without getting mugged? Join our community and meet other victims of guinea pig slavery. Together, we will survive!

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    Download Tapatalk for your mobile to make surfing the Rodents With Attitude forum even easier, wherever you are!

Supplies and Equipment

  • Applied Thoughts
    Great wash bags for putting fleece, Vetbed and soft piggy furnishings in to stop debris from clogging up your washing machine. I have two of these and I wouldn't wash my bedding without them!

  • Cavy Cozies
    Handmade soft items (cozies, heatpad covers, tunnels, etc) for rodents and rabbits with 100% of the proceeds donated to rescue and rehoming centres. Get some great soft furnishings for your pets while donating to good causes!

  • Gorgeous Guineas
    Shampoos, conditioners, ointments and other homeopathic remedies.

  • Pets Corner
    A British pet shop chain with caring and knowledgeable staff. All of the small animal breeders are in Britain, and specially chosen for their care and good practice. Pets Corner have a 100% guarantee that all small animals have been sexed correctly before sale. Hurrah!

  • PHS Teacrate
    Are you having trouble finding correx card in Britain? If you're making your own guinea pig cage, you can easily purchase correx card from PHS Teacrate.

  • Snugglesafe heatpads
    Microwavable heatpads with velcro-secured covers for small furries. These are especially useful for cases of arthritis, and for keeping old bones warm.

  • SPH Pet Supplies
    This is my primary supplier of medical equipment for home treatments. Products they currently supply me with include blunt ended plastic 1ml and 10ml syringes, Virkon S disinfectant, Vetericyn topical wound spray, Bisolvon, Oxbow Critical Care, and Hibiscrub.

  • Vetericyn
    A topical wound spray (also known as "blue spray") to treat a variety of skin complaints.

Veterinary Surgeries

  • New Era Veterinary Hospital
    The only practice in the Channel Islands with facilities and standards to qualify as a Veterinary Hospital, located in Jersey. Including two exotic animal specialists.

  • Great Western Exotic Vets
    Exotic animal specialists in Swindon.


  • Cubes & Correx Cage Building Guide
    Packing company PHS Teacrate asked me to write this guide to building guinea pig cages using their own correx card. If you would like to purchase correx card from PHS Teacrate, please click here.

  • The British Association of Rodentologists
    Rodent specialisation studies with Vedra Stanley-Spatcher, including the Rodent Health Advisory (RHA) and Rodentology courses, and practical day workshops. Located in Cambridge.

Rescue Centres


  • Composting 101
    An in-depth guide to composting your bedding waste for fanatics and green fingered guinea pig owners everywhere!

  • Guinea Pig Magazine
    A new magazine for guinea pig fans, dedicated entirely to our enjoyment of guinea pigs! I'm delighted to be a contributor to the magazine as a guinea pig care "agony aunt" answering your questions in every issue!

  • Peter Gurney books from Amazon
    Wisdom from the late great Peter Gurney.

  • United Kingdom County Council Directory
    A complete directory of county councils in the United Kingdom - a useful method of contacting your local council to enquire about proper bedding waste disposal in line with our new recycling laws.
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  • Guinea Pigs
    A fun and active Facebook group for guinea pig fans! You will find me regularly posting and advising on there as either "Guinea Pigs - Rodents With Attitude" or as myself, Kate Butcher.

Fun Stuff

Other Animals

  • Fun 4 Dogs
    Dog training with my friend Islana McLaughin-Bell P.P.D.T.I. in Jersey, Channel Islands.

  • Rabbit Retreat
    This is our "sister site", a discussion forum for rabbit owners providing you with care advice and support from the other side of the coin.

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