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Talking The Pig Speak Thread

Hello, my name is Colman and I stole Mummy's keyboard when she was cleaning up after the big hairy four-legged thing with a waggy tail.

I thought we should have somewhere for us pigs to chat - so I started this thread when Mummy wasn't looking! If we post our messages to each other here, then Mummy won't notice..... I reckon if we post messages anywhere else she might stop us chatting altogether and I really would be lonely if my piggy friends couldn't chat here.

I heard Mummy talking about George and Blackbird though.... she says they're "stuff members" or something, and they can post anywhere they want. I wish I was a "stuff member", but I guess Mummy has enough piggies with jobs for now....

So I guess we pigs can chat here on this thread. I really love this idea, because I can tell my friends from far away fun things. I know not every pig can make it through the tunnels.... especially those who live "over-sees".

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Default Re: The Pig Speak Thread

Hi my name is Bertie and I need a new home. I dont squeak, it's not nice so my horibble Mum cleaned me out this afternoon and didn't give me any food!!! I still didn't squeak so in the end she gave me some grub! Aint that cruel? I'm definitely only going to make noises when her is out, serves her right!
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Default Re: The Pig Speak Thread

Hello, it's Hazel here.

I am here to confess about being a naughty girl. When my cage was being cleaned out, I was on a big bed. I have got really good eye sight for a piggie. And I knew I could easily make a break for it at that height. I lept off the big bed and started to make a run for it. They tried to get me back with cucumber, but I just snatched it out of their fingers and went under the wardrobe to eat it. I gave the peoples the run around. But eventually they caught me and I was put under cage lock down. I'm a very naughty girl and i'm so quiet too. Maybe next time I will get away.

Having a great time trying to fool peoples

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Default Re: The Pig Speak Thread

hi everyone Its Sonny here wow hazel haven't you been an naughty girl Mummy said she was going to whitby tomorrow and gonna bring something back i am really sick of being litter trained everyday its like 'sonny get in your tray' 'poo poo in there' i would like to poo where i want thank you other than that i am very happy piggy gotta go i can here mummy comin

See you
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Default Re: The Pig Speak Thread

Hi all piggie friends its billy (also known as 'dufflug' daddy calls me that anyway) Ive had a very lazy day today as aunty mini t has been playing out with her friends all day. Tango
my cagemate has been trying to annoy me all day but Im good at ignoring him. Now its getting late so time for bed....Bye for now.
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Default Re: The Pig Speak Thread

Good idea, Colman.

Hello, the name's Mariusz. My fellow cavies don't need to address me by my title, Lord Mariusz, though I usually insist that the humans do.

I live in New York City and so to most of you am an "over-sees" pig. I have an identical twin, Hugo, who lives with George's human in England. Hugo's a very handsome boar.

My two people are ok, except that I have to practically yell at them to give me veg. Why is good help so hard to find these days?

Have you heard? The female human has finally obtained a throne for me, created by another human named Toni. It's about time that I had a seat appropriate to my status.

I have a neighbor, Saku. He's not a bad sort, though a little too tolerant of the humans and their foibles.

Good to meet you all.

Slave to Lord Digby and the late, great Lords Mariusz, Saku, Willoughby, Roland, and Atticus.
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Default Re: The Pig Speak Thread

hi its geoffrey

my mums gone to that place up stairs where i always get wet, so i only have a short time to have a go of the fliptop, she doesnt know i can type but i have been watching her,she lays on the floor at the side of my cage and i sit on my shelf reading posts and learning
well today mum put me out in my run as it was warm and sunny, she put my run next to a puddle she calls a pond and it has these things in it that flick water everynow and then mum says they are godfiss never seen one so think mums seeing things,
any way today a baby bird tried to get a drink out of the godfiss's puddle i sat watching it for ages but it didnt get its drink because it has a net over it like my run,
i then had a sleep in the sun on my peppa pig cushion and then mum said it was time to go in for tea she put me back in my cage and got me my veggies (i dont eat my veggies when im outside) to much grass to eat
right i better go shes coming back i can her mum coming down the stairs
till later
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Default Re: The Pig Speak Thread

Hello fellow piggletons Chester drawers here but you can call me Chester not much to report here at piggleton manor...just wanted to sneak on and say hi xx
Mummy to Chester, Leseter, Sheldon and their feline sister Beana
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Default Re: The Pig Speak Thread

It's Jake here I live in England, Hertford
Our people bathed us on Monday and I tried to swim away but one of my Mummys' caught me and started rubbing bubbly stuff all over me then they poured water over me but it was warm so I started purring Then I was put in a warm towel and cuddled for ages
And we had our cage cleaned out too,
Nice to meet you all
Jake x

PS My friend Trio will be on later, I'm sure

Last edited by miapig; 01-06-2010 at 02:25 PM.. Reason: I spelt some words wrong Sorry
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Default Re: The Pig Speak Thread

Hello boys and girls. How nice of Aunty Pigpog to give us somewhere to chat. I must admit I was embarrassed by some of the funny talk that went on in other threads As if we cant speak proper english like an international piggy would.
Now remember - keep it clean and behave yourselves as our human people are able to look at this too
I'll be away next week, so Blackbird will be in charge Not that I'm in charge of course... I'm just the engineer around here
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