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Default Newbie looking for tips and advice. Thanks

Hi all. Very new to owning piggies. Have 2 boys. We started out originally with wood shavings as bedding but found it messy and needed cleaned daily most of it out so not smelly. I decided to give fleece a try but not sure i have good set up. I have a fleece liner and 2 pee pads placed down. However i think i done it wrong. Am i supposed to wash dry it 3 times prior to use or wash 3 times. What is everyones thoughts on bedding. Whats best set up and best for odor control. I have a ferblast 120 cage and they have play pen to get out each day too. Any tips and advice greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone x

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Smile Re: Newbie looking for tips and advice. Thanks

Hello! Me again!

I no longer have Piggies, but when I did, I used fleeces. I used to line the bottom of the cage with newspapers (several) then 4 layers of bath towels, lastly two layers of fleece. I used to spot clean several times a day, then after a couple of days, remove the top fleece. Then after approx 4 days change the lot!
The reason you need to wash new fleece is that it won't wick away the pee if it is brand new.
My piggies lived indoors by the way.

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Default Re: Newbie looking for tips and advice. Thanks

I personally use wood shavings. I spot clean daily to keep the cage from smelling and do a full clean out once per week. I disinfect my cage with pet safe disinfectant once per month. I have tried fleece but I found that the piggies like to chew holes in it. I hope this helps.
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Default Re: Newbie looking for tips and advice. Thanks

I use fleece over about four sheets of newspaper, but some of my boys pee relentlessly in one place and I've resorted to pee pads just there (and turn them round midweek so the other half gets used!) I just change the fleeces ( and paper) weekly and don't have too much problem. I only washed the new fleeces once, but they seem acceptable.

Be careful to get fleeces, not this plush stuff, which just soaks up the wet and stays wet. I found that getting the cheap throws from Range works well - they're about the right width for folding in half (then folding one-third in again) for a 120; need slightly more adjusting for a 140.

Did you see the Bedding guide in the sticky posts at the top of this section? Click where it says 'Housing and Bedding' above the thread title on this page, and you'll get all the threads in a list. The top ones are 'stuck' to the top of the page - hence 'sticky posts'

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Default Re: Newbie looking for tips and advice. Thanks

I use woodshavings with newspaper underneath...I change this twice a week...on Thursdays & Sundays..which does fine....4 days maximum is about I have found anyway...

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Default Re: Newbie looking for tips and advice. Thanks

Hi. My piggies have a combo. In their cage (2 tier which is open to the room)and doggy bed they have newspaper, sawdust and hay. The rest of the houses in their bedroom have puppy pads and towels/fleece down with a tarpaulin underneath the lot! We clean them out every other day, just the dirtiest areas & do a full clean out at the weekend. We have 5 girls and 1 boy in there. When we first got piggies, we got 3 girls, we had nothing down on the carpet and had no issues, we only had a problem when we introduced a boy, who will do his business anywhere & everywhere, his bad influence then rubbed off on the girls! We adopted 2 girls yesterday, they are currently in a cage in another room for a few weeks, but they have sawdust/hay in the sleeping area and fleece in the main area.
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