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Wink Parsnips!

I was making parsnip soup, and decided to offer Percy and Oscar the parsnip off-cuttings. I don't usually bother, since Fred & George sneered at them and nobody else has paid them much attention if I've tried them.

Percy & Oscar loved them! It may just be the novelty, or else Percy is so hungry he'll eat anything - he weighs in at over 1650 gms at the moment so he's on a diet, with limited pellets and no carrot (but unlimited hay). That's nearly 4 lbs in non-metric. I expect they'll leave parsnip next time I offer it, though.

Midge and Kevin gave it a polite nibble but left the rest, so I guess nothing much changes, really.

Mum to Kevin, Mr Percy, Oscar & Midge, and never forgetting the superstars Fred, George, Victor, Hugo, Humphrey, Hector, Colman, Dylan and Dougall.
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Smile Re: Parsnips!

It is quite a strong flavour ES. Freddie and Daph both turned their noses up at parsnip too!

Mum to Saph the cat, Daph and Freddie all at the Rainbow Bridge.xx
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