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Default Piggy not herself

Piggy is usually boisterous and loved to run around , but recently she's just been curled up dozing. I weigh her and she is pretty much the same weight (she's always been a tiny pig). However we've seen a loss of appetite, itching and lethargy, nothing too serious but a cause for concern. We are going to treat her for mites, could anyone recommend doses of ivermectin and things?
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Default Re: Piggy not herself

I see you are based in the UK.

Bephar do a spot on for guinea pigs, available in pets at home, Wilkinsons and on line. Pet medic do a bottle of drops, available only on line if you have quite a few pigs it's worth going for the vet medic one.
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Default Re: Piggy not herself

Yes, it sounds like a mite treatment is a good start. How old is she now?

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