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Kate Butcher
Owner and Author - Rodents With Attitude
Sales Advisor (my day job!) - Pets Corner
Blogger (my other day job!) - Pets Corner on Facebook and Our Blog
Copy Editor - Guinea Pig Magazine
Trainee Rodent Health Advisor - British Association of Rodentologists

My name is Kate Butcher and I'm a guinea pigaholic.

I have a wonderful partner, David, who has accepted my whiskery addiction and even encourages it (silly man!). I must be doing something right, as he still says he loves me even when I obsess about my furry friends - he's either brave or stupid, I'm not sure which one!

I've been addicted to guinea pigs since 1992 and consequently, one of my main hobbies in life is keeping and enjoying the company of guinea pigs. I thoroughly enjoy talking "pig" and I can frequently be found driving the non-pigaholics around me - including David - up the wall and around the bend with it. I now can't imagine life without their stupid whiskers and furry bits.

I go out of my way to formulate my own methods and theories around the things I learn before printing my own literature, bringing a fresh mind to the subject of guinea pig welfare. My aim is to provide another link in the chain of support for guinea pig owners, and I am constantly learning, both practically and academically, and improving the services I can offer to others.

I currently work as a Sales Advisor for British pet shop Pets Corner. We are properly trained small animal care, the correct sexing of small animals before sale, and we handle our small furries daily with lots of love and attention to help them to become tame and friendly. I am also the company Blogger, managing the Pets Corner Facebook Page and Blog. (note: Rodents With Attitude is not associated with Pets Corner, I just happen to work there and I enjoy my job very much).

I designed and created this website by myself as I have an extensive background in web design. When I'm not up to my elbows in guinea pig poo, I try to keep this website as up to date as possible.

I'm a very practical person and I strongly believe that progress in learning is achieved with patience and a willingness to teach.

...and finally, the problem that is Dexter

I also share the house with Dexter, my 39kg fox red pedigree Labrador Retriever who is a one-dog wrecking ball. To date, he's eaten a raffia lamp, two pairs of flip-flops, one bra, several toilet rolls, the tassels from my table runner, anything that can be pulled up from the garden, wood bark, a canine physiotherapy harness, his own bed, and an entire box of (expensive!) chocolates.

Aside from being a walking dustbin, Dexter is also bionic with pins in his leg to fix his wayward knee cap. He can't urinate with a cocked leg and so squats while peeing up the back of his front legs and trying to look unbothered. In his spare time he likes to roll hedgehogs around the garden, menace David, watch the television, and enjoys chewing his own feet.

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